385: Learn To Navigate Your Relationship Triggers Better

Conflict is inevitable in relationships. Couples in healthy relationships do not try to avoid conflict, they navigate conflict in productive and healthy ways instead. Listen to today's show to learn what to do when you or your partner are triggered, and how to navigate these situations in the best way possible. In this episode with Wendi Dumbroff, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: The vulnerability cycle that can occur when one

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384: Know Yourself, Improve Your Relationships

Understanding who we are and what we want are some of the most important things we can do for ourselves in life. It's not always easy to understand these things either. Sometimes we think we know who we are and what we want, but we're not quite sure. This is our life's work and we can always use help along the way. Listen to today's show for some great tools to

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383: Giving Up Too Much To Make Everyone Happy?

Are you a people pleaser? It's not the worst thing in the world to identify as one, however, you may be sacrificing your own happiness in the name of keeping everyone around you happy. You may also grow resentful and have a lot of anxiety around keeping those around you happy. Listen to today's show to learn how to create boundaries, communicate your needs and live a more fulfilling life. In

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377: Develop Uncompromising Intimacy In Your Relationship

Developing intimacy and passion in your relationship is an important way to feel more connected and fulfilled. Listen to today's show for a variety of amazing tips and practices specifically to bring more intimacy and passion into your relationship today! In this episode with Dr. Alexandra Stockwell, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: The myth of compromise in your relationship and how to create uncompromising intimacy Why withholding your desires is toxic for

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376: A Comprehensive Guide To Conflict Resolution

Conflict in relationships is inevitable. Our goal should not be to avoid conflict, but to navigate it in a healthy and respectable manner. Listen to today's show for a detailed overview about understanding conflict and how to navigate it better in your relationships. In this episode with Marlene Chism, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How to recognize conflict in your relationship The importance of understanding your narrative around conflict in your relationship

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375: How To Deal With Negative Emotions

It's only human to have negative emotions. Oftentimes these negative emotions can consume us and greatly affect our lives and relationships. Listen to today's show for actionable tips and tools to better deal with your negative emotions. In this episode with Dr. Cheryl Fraser, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How negative emotions will show up in your relationships Understanding that problems in our relationships start with us The importance of being kind

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374: How To Navigate Infidelity And Cheating In Relationships

Cheating and infidelity can be extremely painful experiences for both an individual and a couple. Listen to today’s show to learn how to navigate these rough waters and move forward to get to a better place. In this episode with Shannon Brown, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: The importance of hope and how to cultivate it to move through infidelity to a better place Understanding some of the reasons for infidelity

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373: Two Therapists Walk Into A Bar

No punchline here. Just a great interview with two therapists who are also in a relationship together. Listen to today’s show for valuable tips to improve your relationship and for amazing personal insights into what it’s like when two relationship experts are in a relationship with one another. In this episode with John Kim and Vanessa Bennet, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: John and Vanessa’s experience as two therapists in relationship with

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372: Keys For A Resilient Relationship

The path to creating a great relationship is not about creating a perfect relationship. Perfect relationships don’t exist. However, resilient relationships are attainable and perfectly imperfect! Listen to today’s show to learn some great practices for a resilient relationship. In this episode with Dr. Karen Skerrett, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: What exactly a resilient relationship looks like The value of perspective when dealing with relationship conflict The importance of

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357: Prodependence, Sex, Love And Addiction

Supporting a partner with an addiction can be a very challenging journey. Dr. Weiss' prodependence approach revolutionized addiction healthcare by improving the ways we treat loved ones of addicts and other troubled people by offering them more dignity for their suffering rather than blame for the problem. Listen to today's episode to learn more about prodependence.  In this episode with Dr. Rob Weiss, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Understanding how

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