The wounds from our childhood and past relationships can affect us in the present day in big and small ways. Understanding your attachment style and how to repair your attachment wounds is a huge part of being able to relate better with those in your life. Listen to today’s show for key insights and actionable tools to repair your attachment wounds and love better.

In this episode with Adam Lane Smith we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • Understanding the insecure attachment patterns that we can create in relationships and how to heal them
  • Specific tools for individuals with anxious and secure attachment styles to heal
  • Learning to create boundaries and keep boundaries for healthier relationships
  • How to communicate with your partner if you are feeling insecure
  • How to relate better if you or your partner is anxiously or avoidantly attached
  • And much more!

Adam worked for years as a licensed psychotherapist and now focuses his specialty as an Attachment Specialist. Through his new  role, Adam helps people build a new foundation for their life. Fixing attachment issues at their core means you can transform your relationships in marriage, dating, work, friendship, and family. By showing his clients how to repair their attachment wounds, Adam teaches people to open up to others, find their voice, receive the love they’ve always wanted, and live without fear.

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