Do you identify as a highly sensitive person? Perhaps your partner does? All of us have different levels of sensitivity that we have to deal with when navigating relationships and life. Listen to today’s show to better understand your sensitivities or your partner’s in order to live a happier and healthier life.

In this episode with Andre Sólo we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • Defining sensitivity and the sensitivity scale
  • How to navigate high sensitivity, and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of highly sensitive individuals
  • How to navigate conflict for highly sensitive individuals
  • Embracing your sensitivity
  • Who highly sensitive people should be in relationships with
  • How we view sensitivity in individuals
  • And much more!
Andre Sólo is the force behind Sensitive Refuge (, the world’s largest website for sensitive people, and the author of Sensitive: The Hidden Power of the Highly Sensitive Person in a Loud, Fast, Too-Much World. An author, researcher, and speaker, Sólo serves as editor-in-chief of Sensitive Refuge and Chief Make-It-Happen Officer of Introvert, Dear. A highly sensitive person himself, for much of his life he thought he had to hide it, before coming to understand it is one of humanity’s most powerful — and most overlooked — traits. Now, Sólo is a recognized expert and passionate advocate for sensitive people. He writes about sensitivity at Forbes and Psychology Today, has spoken at Amazon and internationally,  and has been featured in HuffPost, the Washington Post, Vogue, MSNBC, The Telegraph, and numerous podcasts. Andre can be found in both New Orleans and Saint Paul, Minnesota, where he spends his time cavorting with misfits, collecting too many houseplants, and chasing after his extremely plucky toddler.

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