247: The Seasons Of Your Relationship

Our relationships go through natural rhythms and cycles just as the rest of nature does. If you can understand that your relationship will go through different seasons, you can better navigate the changes. Listen to this episode to learn about the different seasons of your relationship and life. In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Becoming aware of the patterns in nature and working with them in your relationship

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246: How To Create Meaning, Purpose And Happiness In Your Relationship

Access our new Love Under Quarantine series here: Love Under Quarantine This show's title sounds like a big project, huh? Well, we believe it's definitely one worth pursuing! Listen to today's show to get the tools and information to start creating more meaning, purpose and happiness in your relationship today! In this episode we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How to create meaning and reach goals in your relationship Importance

2020-04-17T12:20:35-04:00April 17th, 2020|

245: Managing Stress & Anxiety During COVID-19

You're not alone if the current crisis is causing you to feel stressed and anxious. Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways that prove detrimental to our own personal health, as well as our relationships. The sense of uncertainty, worrying about the future and the general demands of life are all forms of anxiety. Don’t let anxiety bog you down and negatively affect the relationship with yourself and your partner. In

2020-04-09T10:42:11-04:00April 9th, 2020|

243: Understanding Personalities For Better Relationships

Our personality is created by a multitude of complex factors to create a way in which we view the world and relate with others. One theory on the dimensions of our personality comes from the 19th-century spiritual philosopher George Gurdjieff. Today's guest, John Cottone, Ph.D., walks us through Gurdjieff's personality theory and shows us how we can apply it to ourselves and our relationships. Gurdjieff believed that personality types can be

2020-03-25T22:30:08-04:00March 25th, 2020|

242: The Coronavirus And Your Relationship

The Coronavirus pandemic is on everyone's minds, and is likely adding stress to your life and relationships. Listen to today's show with Dr. Melanie Joy as we discuss how to navigate your personal and relational life specifically during these difficult times. In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How to help yourself and your partner feel secure during times of insecurity What to do if your partner does not

2020-03-18T10:29:39-04:00March 18th, 2020|

239: Is Love Best When It’s Fresh?

Our romantic lives with our partners will inevitably change over time. How can we navigate these changes in long term relationships? Listen to today's show to learn some tools and insights into this thing we call LOVE. In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Experiences of early intense love contrasted with longer term profound love How can we make love and sexual desire last long term? The importance of

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237: Pitfalls of Using Others to Manage Your Anxiety

Relationship partners and friends can offer valuable support for managing stress and anxiety in our lives. However, sometimes relying on others to manage our emotions can create negative effects in our lives and relationships. Listen to today's show to learn how to balance this sometimes complicated dynamic. In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Understanding if you are automatically pulling in a third person to help manage your relationship

2020-02-14T11:47:50-04:00February 14th, 2020|

235: How To Create The Relationship You Want

Want to feel empowered? How about realizing that YOU have the power to create the relationship of your dreams and find your own happiness. Many of us look to our partners to make us happy in our relationships. Listen to today's show to understand why that's the wrong approach and how to switch that mindset. In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Getting rid of the expectation that our

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234: Brain First Approach To Relationships

The brain — Sometimes we take it for granted, and don't realize its importance as an organ in shaping our relationships. The better we understand and take care of our brain, the better chance we'll have for relationship success. Listen to today's show to learn how to optimize your brain for a better relationship. In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Understanding our brains drive our behavior How to

2020-01-22T22:27:36-04:00January 22nd, 2020|

231: Understanding The Menstrual Cycle Will Improve Your Relationship!

Attention men and women! Do you know the menstrual cycle and how hormones ebb and flow throughout this 4 week time period? Maybe your answer is yes. But, if you're like us, the answer is no. Even if you do know the details of hormone changes and how that affects a woman's body and brain, do you know your own or your partners exact day on the cycle right now? Knowing

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