398: Start Navigating Communication Issues Better Today

We all want to feel understood and loved by our partners. However, poor communication can leave us or our partner feeling misunderstood and lonely in our relationship. Listen to today's episode for practical tips to improve your communication for better understanding and more love! In this episode with Madhur-Nain Webster we discuss relationship advice topics that include: The number one communication issue and how to fix it What to do when you

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397: How To Get Better Sleep And Improve Your Life And Relationship

Most of us may not be getting the rest we need to live our lives to the fullest and keep our relationships healthy. Sleep is not necessarily the first thing someone will think about when wanting to improve their relationship. However, if you're not getting proper sleep, it will be difficult to work on other aspects of your life and your relationship. Listen to today's show to learn more about simple

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396: How To Make Big Decisions About Love, Money And Life

Our lives are filled with big decisions and we don't always give them the proper care and process they require. Whether or not we should move in with someone, get married or buy a house are decisions most of us will face at one point or another. Listen to today's show to learn an amazing process to make better decisions about the big things in life. In this episode with Myra

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392: Navigating A Breakup And Getting Over Your Ex

Breaking up is almost never easy and the emotional toll after the breakup can be quite exhausting. Listen to today's episode for amazing tools to help you navigate through a breakup and get over your ex. In this episode with Dr. Cortney Warren, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Tips for cutting contact with your ex The importance of retelling your break up story and how to do it What to

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391: Commitment, Communication And Conflict In Your Relationship

This conversation is a comprehensive look at three very important elements of a healthy relationship. We haven't talked much about commitment on this show and the first half of the conversation is dedicated to this critical topic. Listen to today's show for some amazing, actionable advice to start applying to your relationship today! In this episode with Matthew Hoffman, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Different kinds of commitment and how

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390: Feeling Like Your Best Sex Is Behind You?

No one wants to feel like the best sex they've ever had with their partner is behind them. However, many people will feel like the sex they had early in their relationship was way better than it is down the road. Listen to today's show to learn why that doesn't have to be the case and the tools and practices to create the best sex of your relationship right now! In

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389: Giving And Receiving Constructive Feedback

Giving and receiving constructive feedback can be a tricky area to navigate in all of our relationships, especially romantic relationships. Understanding the tools to best give and receive feedback will help you live a happier and healthier life. Listen to today's show to learn more about constructive feedback and start applying these tools today! In this episode with Dr. Wyatt Fisher, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Understanding when and how

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388: What Does Good Sex Look Like?

There is a lot to unpack when it comes to understanding our personal relationship to sexuality and bringing that into our relationships. Understanding all of the things that influence how we think about sex can help us improve our sex lives and move through our relationships more positively. Listen to today's show to learn what makes good sex, what sex is worth having and what makes it better. In this episode

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387: Dealing With Differing Values In Your Relationship

Not everyone is going to have the same exact set of values and beliefs as you. Navigating our romantic relationships, friendships and family relationships with those whose values may differ is an important skill for a happy and healthy life and a more peaceful world. Listen to today's show to learn these skills and start applying them today! In this episode with Dr. Samantha Stein, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

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386: Secrets Of Sex And Marriage

We all want to have better sex lives, but it's not always easy to make that happen. Understanding the research around desire, arousal and our biology can go a long way in helping us improve our sex lives. Listen to today's show to learn some key tools and insights that will help you improve your sex life today! In this episode with Michael Sytsma, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: The different

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