Understanding how our past informs our present is a key component to creating more love for ourselves and others. Listen to today’s show to learn how a moment of impact from our past can show up in the present and how to heal from this place.

In this episode with Christina Rasmussen we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • Understanding grief’s impact on what we do presently
  • How to shift from simply surviving to thriving
  • Why we sometimes have a need to prove our worth to the ones we love
  • The invisible losses that shape who we are
  • Understanding the foundational issues behind our triggers
  • And much more!

Christina Rasmussen is an acclaimed grief educator and bestselling author of “Second Firsts”, “Where Did You Go?”, and “Invisible Loss”. In 2010, four years after her thirty-five-year-old spouse passed away from Stage 4 colon cancer, she created the Life Reentry process, launching her mission to bring compassion, grace, and validation to thousands, while establishing an exit from what she termed the Waiting Room. Christina holds a master’s degree in guidance and counseling from the University of Durham and is currently finishing her master of fine arts degree in painting and drawing at the Academy of Art. Her grief work has been featured on ABC News, Women’s World, the Washington Post, and the White House Blog, and she is a contributor to Psychology Today.





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