458: When Expectations Are Not Met

We all have expectations for our lives and relationships. When our expectations are not met is usually when we are most disappointed, upset, angry, insert negative emotion here. So what do we do? A good place to start is to learn what realistic expectations are for your relationship and learn how to ask for what you need. Listen to today's episode to get these tips and tools and start applying them

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457: Hard Relationship Truths You Need To Hear

Society, pop culture, media and the internet all paint a pretty rosy picture of what a relationship 'should' look like. Unfortunately, these models often don't reflect what a relationship will actually look like nor how to make them work well. Listen to today's show to understand what a healthy relationship actually looks like and requires. In this episode with Todd Baratz we discuss relationship advice topics that include: The harsh reality that

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456: Moving Through Challenges

Throughout our lives we will be challenged with relationships, jobs and family among other things. Cultivating a positive mindset with tools to navigate these challenges is an important part of living a more joyful life. Listen to today's show to learn more about the tools to help move through all of life's challenges. In this episode with Tammy Mastroberte we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How to cultivate spirituality and how

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455: How To Deal With Anxiety And Overthinking

Anxiety, overthinking and our overall mental health has a huge impact on our physical health. It's important to understand just how much our mental and physical health are intertwined. There's no one better than a critical care nurse turned therapist like today's guest to guide us through improving and understanding the link between our mental and physical health. In this episode with Denise Schonwald we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How

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454: Shifting From Default Monogamous Relating

There are many ways to structure a romantic relationship outside of the traditional monogamous framework. Listen to today's episode to explore the different non-traditional relationship styles and the common issues and benefits people experience in them. In this episode with Dr. Joli Hamilton we discuss relationship advice topics that include: The number one tip to experience a successful non-monogamous relationship Should you try a non-monogamous relationship to save your current monogamous one?

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453: Improve Your Mental Health, Improve Your Relationship

Loving someone better starts with loving ourselves better. Self awareness, understanding our childhood and being present are just some of the tools to help ourselves along this path. Listen to today's show to learn how to love ourselves and others better. In this episode with Dr. Jeannelle Perkins-Mohammad we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Internal acceptance and the "I love you test" How to increase your self esteem and self compassion

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452: How To Become More Securely Attached

Attachment theory is one of the best ways to understand yourself, your partner and improve your relationship. Listen to today's show for tools you can use to heal your attachment wounds and work toward a more secure relationship. In this episode with Thais Gibson we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How to reprogram yourself through the unconscious mind and heal your attachment wounds How to change the negative stories that we

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451: Improve Your Relationship By Asking Better Questions

It might sound a bit too good to be true. Ask better questions and instantly improve your relationship? The quality of our relationships is often determined by the quality of our communication and connection. Asking better questions will help you communicate better and develop a deeper sense of understanding and intimacy with your partner. Listen to today's show to learn how to ask better questions and improve your relationship today! In

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450: Fixing Common Relationship Issues

Kelli Miller shares essential advice for tackling common relationship issues. From reigniting feelings of love to navigating differences in desires and managing the impact of social media, Kelli provides practical tips to enhance your relationship. Tune in for actionable insights on compromise and understanding the ebb and flow of emotions, empowering you to strengthen your bond with your partner. In this episode with Kelli Miller we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

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449: Keys To Building A Lifetime Of Love

Unfortunately, love and relationships don't necessarily come naturally to us. But that's ok! We can gain the tools and strategies to cultivate a life full of love and relationships that are fulfilling and healthy. Listen to today's show for amazing tips to start improving your relationship today. In this episode with Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Tools to understand ourselves so we can better relate with others

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