Understanding our values and communicating them with our partner is an important exercise to create a thriving relationship. Listen to today’s episode to learn more about creating a values driven relationship.

In this episode with Colter Bloxom we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • The important difference between values and goals
  • How to clarify your values and communicate them with your partner
  • What to do when your values don’t align with your partner’s
  • Understanding and clarifying your non-negotiable values
  • When what we think we want is not what is really best for us
  • The importance of diversifying your values
  • And much more!

Colter Bloxom is a therapist and owner of Thrive Therapy a group practice in Phoenix, Arizona. He also hosts a podcast discussing how to better relate to others and your mental health called “Relatable, with Thrive Therapy.” His specialties as a therapist are on OCD, Anxiety, and Relationships.





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