368: How To Date Smart

Dating can be tiring and frustrating to the point that you may feel like giving up. Don't worry, there's hope! Today you're going to get actionable tips that will help you navigate your dating life and set you on a path to finding your ideal partner. In this episode with Stephanie Mintz, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How to set up your dating GPS for a foundation of dating success Why it

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367: Personality Types And Your Relationship

Our personalities can clash with another person or they can gel. The manner in which we approach and navigate any relationship in our lives will depend on our personality and how it interacts with other personalities. The more we can understand personalities, the better we can relate! Listen to today's show to learn more about your personality and how it shows up in any kind of relationship. In this episode with

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366: Daily Practices For A Thriving Relationship

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Relationships take work! Well, great, amazing, mind blowing relationships take work. If you want to improve your relationship and make it amazing, you'll need to take deliberate steps to make that happen. Listen to today's show to learn amazing actionable tips that you can implement in your relationship today! In this episode with Lair Torrent we discuss relationship advice topics that include: The importance of

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365: Sex Talk

Biological sex differences have numerous and important implications for how we show up in relationships. Listen to today's show to learn more about these differences and use this information to improve your relationship today! In this episode with Dr. Stephen Furlich, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How sex hormone levels influence communication and behavior The structural differences between male and female brains and why you should understand them How testosterone can hinder

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364: World Record Endurance Adventurer On The Power of Love

What does a world renown endurance athlete know about love and relationships? It turns out, quite a lot! This conversation with Colin O'Brady will give you insight, tools and inspiration for your life and your relationship. Colin has a deep appreciation for his relationship with his wife and how it impacts the amazing feats he's accomplished.  In this episode with Colin O'Brady, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How to pursue

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363: Releasing Your True Inner Voice

What does it mean to speak your deepest truth and show up as your most authentic self? It's not always easy to show up in this way but the benefits can be amazing. Listen to today's show to learn how to access your true inner voice and live more authentically. Of course this will all help improve your relationship along the way! In this episode with Dr. Fred Moss, we discuss relationship

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362: Cohabitation And Your Relationship

It can be valuable to understand how cohabitation may affect the success of your relationship. How and when you should move in together are just a couple of questions you might be asking yourself. Dr. Kuperberg has done extensive research into cohabitation and how it impacts relationships and marriages. Listen to today's show to learn about what the research shows, what to do about it and much more! In this episode

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361: The Best Ways To Navigate Anxious Attachment

It's critical to learn your attachment style if you want to drastically improve yourself and your relationships. We've covered attachment styles in past episodes and will continue to do so because it can be such a powerful tool to understand dynamics and thus help improve your life. Individuals who display anxious attachment styles can sometimes have a lot more to navigate in life than those who are securely attached. Listen to

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360: What’s Sex Therapy All About?

Getting help from a sex therapist can be a great way to get in touch with your sexuality, improve sex in your relationship and learn about yourself and your partner. Listen to today's show to learn everything you need to know about going to a sex therapist! In this episode with Keeley Rankin, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How to know when to go to a sex therapist Important questions to ask

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359: Loving Better And Mastering The Text Message Game

Getting to know someone via text is a huge part of developing relationships today and we're often not that great at it. "Why are they taking so long to respond?" “Do they really like me?” "Should I text that upside down smiley face emoji?" There's a lot to think about! Listen to today's show to learn how to preserve your mental health while navigating these landmines and more! In this episode

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