No punchline here. Just a great interview with two therapists who are also in a relationship together. Listen to today’s show for valuable tips to improve your relationship and for amazing personal insights into what it’s like when two relationship experts are in a relationship with one another.

In this episode with John Kim and Vanessa Bennet, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • John and Vanessa’s experience as two therapists in relationship with one another
  • How to deal with an ambivalent partner or move through ambivalence yourself
  • How to navigate different attachment styles in a relationship
  • What to do if you feel clingy in your relationship
  • Daily practices for a thriving relationship
  • And much more!

John Kim (aka The Angry Therapist) and Vanessa Bennett are not only licensed therapists and relationship coaches but master plate spinners. Writing books, hosting podcasts, creating mental health content, and raising their toddler are just a few of those spinning plates. Before their worlds collided, they each experienced the painful expiration of long term relationships which thrust them onto their inner journeys, personal therapy, therapy school, and helping thousands of people relationship better. As a couple, they are committed to being transparent about their baggage, bullsh*t, and the slippery knots of their own imperfect relationship to help illuminate the surprising issues that hinder all of us from finding, enjoying, and sustaining love.

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