Dating can be tiring and frustrating to the point that you may feel like giving up. Don’t worry, there’s hope! Today you’re going to get actionable tips that will help you navigate your dating life and set you on a path to finding your ideal partner.

In this episode with Stephanie Mintz, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • How to set up your dating GPS for a foundation of dating success
  • Why it can be bad to jump into the physical too quickly while dating
  • Understanding and communicating if you want to date casually or for a long term partner
  • How to communicate productively and strategically in your dating life
  • What to do if you’re being ghosted
  • The importance of understanding your red flags
  • Dating if you just got out of a relationship
  • And much more!

Stephanie Mintz, M.A., LMFT, and The Strategic Relationship Consultant™: Stephanie is highly sought-after for her ability to help singles “Date Smart”, through her unique strategies with actionable step-by-step guidelines, to have the best chance for a successful dating experience. She also helps couples at all stages understand the “why” behind their challenges, and create individualized strategies that provide in-the-moment relief and immediate results to help them better navigate the journey of couplehood. From lowering the temperature of heated arguments; to improving or restoring connection, respect, calm, and laughter; to improving communication and intimacy; Stephanie has helped countless couples learn to enjoy each other again, and remember and re-ignite the spark that brought them together. Whether dating, living together, pre-marital, or married, she helps couples find and stay on the path to a happier, lasting relationship.

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