Love and relationships can often get mixed up in terms of the difference between the two and how we experience them. Understanding the deeper meaning of love and relationships for ourselves can help us navigate our lives and relate better. Listen to today’s show for an interesting discussion around these topics and much more!

In this episode with Sanya Bari we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • The nature of relationships and why they require rules
  • The important distinction between a ‘secret sacrifice’ and compromise
  • What to do if resentment is building because of sacrifices you’re making in relationships
  • What to do if you’re a giver and you feel your partner is not
  • Learning to receive in relationship and allowing yourself to come into love on it’s own
  • How to give from an honest and authentic place
  • And much more!

Sanya Bari is a transformative coach and therapist who specializes in guiding high-achieving individuals and leaders to unlock their inner potential for profound freedom and fulfillment in life and love. With a diverse clientele, including Presidents, International Corporations, Olympic athletes, Movie Stars, and more, Sanya is dedicated to helping those committed to embracing life’s depth with courage. Her extensive qualifications in Counseling Psychology and Spiritual Psychology, along with her role as a Trauma Specialist and Discernment Counselor, drive her mission to challenge destructive beliefs, prevent emotional suffering, and nurture individual purpose.


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