Are you in a relationship that does not feel good to you? Perhaps you’re currently in a toxic relationship or you’ve been in one before? It can feel like you’re stuck while you’re in it or you may feel you’re repeating the same pattern with unhealthy relationships. Listen to today’s show to learn why we enter, stay and repeat toxic relationships and the key tools to break the patterns and enter into more healthy, happy relationships.

In this episode with Kierstyn Franklin we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • How your subconscious may be attracting you to negativity and how to break this pattern
  • Trauma bonding and addiction to the highs and lows of a unhealthy relationship
  • Why we sometimes get stuck in the shame of a toxic relationship
  • How to develop more self awareness and turn inward to break unhealthy patterns
  • Recognizing the signs of abuse, gaslighting and other unhealthy relationship traits
  • Addressing a toxic partner and how to recognize when to leave
  • And much more!

Kierstyn Franklin is the co-founder of The Relationship Recovery and is a survivor of divorce, emotional abuse, and infidelity. When her first marriage ended not only did she feel as though her current world had crashed down before her, but she also felt like her future plans had been wiped away as well. She sought help from professional counselors, leaders, and mentors. However, where she found the most healing was from other women that had been through similar trials. Because of this reason Kierstyn became passionate about helping other women find support, love, acceptance, and growth to love themselves and make it so they can love someone else.

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