The more tools we can access to improve our relationships the better. We’re big fans of actionable tips that you can begin to apply to your relationship immediately. Today’s episode is full of things you can implement now to start improving your relationship right away!

In this episode with Joneen Mackenzie and Lauren Reitsema we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • The keys to productive communication starting with how to understand what it is you need to communicate and why.
  • How to respond to your partner rather than react
  • Dealing with stress and anger as you communicate
  • The importance of committing to good intentions in your relationship
  • How to set boundaries and why it’s a key component of a successful relationship
  • And much more!

Lauren’s interest in relationship skills began when her parents divorced after almost 20 years of marriage. Seeking to understand better patterns for her own future legacy, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from TCU. Lauren is the author of In Their Shoes, a book dedicated to helping parents better understand and connect with children of divorce. Her newest book, Relationship Essentials, released November 16th, 2021 and features skills to help people feel heard, fight fair, and set boundaries in all areas of life. Lauren’s vocational speaking experience spans over 15 years, teaching a variety of relationship skills to teens, adults and corporate teams. She recognizes relationships are one of life’s most important assets and energizes a room to prioritize the people in their lives. She and her husband, Josh, love adventures with their three children. All Colorado natives, they are avid skiers, outdoor enthusiasts and Broncos’ fans.

Joneen’s energy permeates a room as she delivers expert advice in an easy-to-digest format. She’s the lead author of the nationally-acclaimed REAL Essentials curriculum and has certified over 10,000 educators to empower their students. Joneen Mackenzie graduated from University of Texas’ School of Nursing and is a former 1st Lt. in the USAF Nurse Corps. Her credentials in public health make her a valued member of national boards leading the discussion on public policy and health standards in schools. Joneen is the mother of 4 grown children and has a special knack for starting belly laughs in her grandchildren. She loves traveling with her husband, Bruce, and experiencing new cultures and traditions around the world.

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