Nearly 50% of all kids born in the United States are born out of wedlock! Co-parenting, legal challenges and much more can cause all kinds of problems in this situation. Listen to today’s show to learn how to best navigate having a kid with someone who you never intended to be in a relationship with or are no longer in a relationship with.

In this episode with Jim Braz, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • How to navigate the major problems that often come up when you have a child out of wedlock
  • How and when to deal with a maternity test if needed
  • The importance of coming up with a co-parenting plan and tips to implement one
  • Using a parenting coordinator to help navigate your issues
  • How to communicate with your co-parent for the best outcomes
  • Why you should avoid legal processes at all costs
  • And much more!

Jim and Jessica Braz are the authors of the award-winning book, “Baby Out of Wedlock: Co-Parenting Basics From Pregnancy to Custody” and founders of, a resource-intense platform that helps the millions of parents who are navigating unplanned, single parenting. Both authors have a child born out of wedlock, and both experienced nasty custody battles costing many tens of thousands of dollars. They made many mistakes along the way, often due to difficulty finding straight answers to their questions. Jim & Jessica want to help parents in similar situations avoid the most common pitfalls and learn from their mistakes. Their book has won four awards (so far!) and received a Kirkus Starred Review, a genuine badge of quality in the literary world. Despite the millions of parents in this situation, theirs is the only book on the market today that addresses the unique questions and concerns that one has in this situation. Baby Out of Wedlock has been endorsed by family lawyers, therapists, parental alienation experts, and many single parents. The book is also being used in pregnancy resource centers and father support centers for staff and client education where appropriate, including helping some mothers who are considering abortion gain the knowledge and confidence to choose life.

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