Our emotions can affect us both consciously and unconsciously. Negative emotions can be stored in the body and even lead to illness and disease. Listen to today’s episode for deep insights into how our emotions, conscious and unconscious mind and our heart all influence how we move through relationships and the world around us.

In this episode with Dr. Brad Nelson we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • How emotional baggage can lead to illness and how to begin to heal this
  • The importance of allowing negative emotions and how to move through them
  • How to ask the subconscious mind questions for deep insights
  • Understanding the role our heart plays in relationships and whether or not we have walls surrounding our heart
  • Understanding that we don’t have to be at the mercy of our emotions
  • The importance of forgiveness in relationships and healing
  • And much more!

Dr. Bradley Nelson is a renowned holistic physician and the leading authority in natural wellness. He’s the founder of The Emotion Code and The Body Code systems, and serves as the CEO of Discover Healing, a global holistic education platform certifying practitioners. His best-selling book, “The Emotion Code,” offers a clear guide to harnessing the body’s energy healing potential.


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