There are many important areas to navigate as a divorced couple with kids. How and when to introduce new partners is just one area that is important to think about for the health of your children and the relationship with your ex. Listen to today’s show to learn how to navigate these issues and more!

In this episode with Dr. Ann Buscho, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • Learn how and when to introduce new partners to your children
  • How to communicate with your ex when it comes to introducing new partners to your kids
  • How not to confuse kids after a divorce
  • What to do when your kids won’t accept a new partner
  • The stories kids develop about a parents divorce
  • And much more!

Dr. Buscho is a clinical psychologist in Northern California. She works primarily with families going through divorce, working to keep families out of court, and to begin a healing process. She is the author of “The Parent’s Guide to Birdnesting: A Child Centered Solution to CoParenting During Separation and Divorce“, and blogs regularly for psychology today, where her blog has had well over a million reads.

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