408: Why We Stay In Toxic Relationships

Are you in a relationship that does not feel good to you? Perhaps you're currently in a toxic relationship or you've been in one before? It can feel like you're stuck while you're in it or you may feel you're repeating the same pattern with unhealthy relationships. Listen to today's show to learn why we enter, stay and repeat toxic relationships and the key tools to break the patterns and enter

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407: How To Create Healthy Patterns In LGBT Relationships

Relationships of all kinds take work. LGBT relationships can have additional difficulties to navigate such as bringing in one's potential shame around sexuality or dealing with rejection from childhood as an adult, among many other unique difficulties. Listen to today's show as Dani and Keely provide their unique perspective and advice for people in LGBT relationships. Even if you are in a heterosexual relationship there are many great nuggets of wisdom

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406: Too Much Drama In Your Life?

We all have been there with a romantic partner, family member or friend who always has something dramatic going on in their lives. Perhaps it may even be you who is addicted to drama. There are important patterns to recognize and correct if you or someone you know is addicted to drama. Don't let the drama of others, or within yourself, continue to decrease your happiness and well being. Listen to

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405: Inspiration To Leave A Toxic Relationship

Life in India as a woman is much different than in the western world. Arranged marriages and a deeply patriarchal society are just two of the pressures that can make life difficult for an Indian woman. Add a toxic, abusive arranged marriage with kids involved to these cultural pressures and one could feel quite hopeless. This is exactly what Kanchan Moudgil had to go through and was able to come out

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404: Juggling Love And Parenthood: Your Dynamics, Scheduling And More!

Relationships take work, especially when you have kids, work and life to balance! Venice and Vernon have a unique perspective to share as they are both professional therapists and parents with a passion for keeping their marriage strong while helping others in their relationships as well. Listen to today's show for their personal story and amazing, actionable tips to help you navigate your relationship better. In this episode with Vernon and

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403: Stop False Stories And Connect With Your Truth

We can often be our own worst enemies as we move through life and relationships. Negative thoughts may dominate our thinking and create narratives that don't serve us. Listen to today's show to learn how to limit the false stories we tell ourselves and connect with your authentic self. In this episode with Dr. Carolyn Kurle we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Understanding the dynamic between your logical brain and your

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402: Understanding Our Sexuality, Desires And More!

Understanding our sexuality, and our partner's, may feel like a confusing and daunting task. Our sexuality is often influenced by cultural programming, issues of shame and any number of other factors. Listen to today's show to better understand your sexuality, what you desire and the tools to communicate these things with your partner. In this episode with Dr. Alexandra Katehakis we discuss relationship advice topics that include: What to do if you're

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401: Love Better, Repair Your Attachment Wounds

The wounds from our childhood and past relationships can affect us in the present day in big and small ways. Understanding your attachment style and how to repair your attachment wounds is a huge part of being able to relate better with those in your life. Listen to today's show for key insights and actionable tools to repair your attachment wounds and love better. In this episode with Adam Lane Smith we

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400: Use Imagery To Shape Love And Relationships

Many of us may picture our career, athletic or weight loss goals in our minds' eyes and imagine what it may be like to achieve them. However, we may not be so inclined to do this kind of work when it comes to love and relationships. Listen to today's show to learn how functional imagery training can help you in all areas of your life, including your relationships. In this episode

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399: Are You In Denial?

Denial is a condition all of us may find ourselves in at some point. Whether it's denial about a failing relationship, that our partner can change a bad habit or a job that's not right for us. There are a vast number of ways that denial can show up in our lives. Listen to today's show to learn how to recognize that you're in denial and the tools to work through

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