After a two year break, we are back – married and with a baby! Join us as we continue to share expert advice on creating a fulfilling and successful relationship.

We are so so excited to back here with you all. You may be wondering why we are back, and where we’ve been, so we are here to fill you in. If you haven’t listened to this episode already, we give you ALL the details, so be sure to listen!

We are back because of you, our listeners! Our downloads have only grown since our last episode, so with the increased emails and inquiries about coming back, we’ve made the leap. We are committed to at least one episode a week. Hopefully two – Stella permitted. 🙂

As we mentioned in the episode, we got married in October 2014. Our wedding day was so special and amazing. Here are just a few of our favorite photos:

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The next day we left for our honeymoon to South Africa. We choose to do a Honeyfund instead of a traditional registry, and that allowed us to take a 30 day holiday! It. Was. Amazing! Here are just a few of our favorite memories from our trip. Also, here is an article Chase wrote: South Africa Honeymoon

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Shortly after we got back, we found out we were pregnant! Stella is now 14 months old and the love of our lives!!!

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We are so excited to be back and look forward to helping you have a happy and fulfilling relationship! xo