The incidence of infidelity in the United States is greater than 50%. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that we’re doing something wrong. A huge part of preventing infidelity is communication with your partner. For example, have you communicated your deepest sexual desires to your partner without fear of judgement? Today’s show will outline the steps to share feelings like this and to affair proof your relationship.

In this episode we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • How to come to terms with the fact that we are all sexual beings, and will find people other than our partner attractive.
  • Avoiding the irrational belief in your relationship that, “we love each other and therefore will never stray.”
  • Facing your own fears of your partner being attracted to someone else.
  • Learn to know the person you love on the deepest level possible.
  • How to talk about these deep emotional feelings with your partner.
  • Why the more you talk about your weaknesses, the stronger you and your relationship will become.
  • And much more!

Steven Ing is reframing an important conversation in society one about the intelligent management of human sexuality. He is a sought-after trainer, speaker and therapist, bringing nearly three decades of experience to his audiences and clients. His book, We’re All Like This” (2015, Giant Publishing), is used as a text in Human Sexuality classes in university classrooms.

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Steve’s Daily Tool

If you aren’t talking, you’re not sharing — but you can’t make each other talk. Let your partner come to you in your own time, and then stop and listen and really let them express themselves.

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Advice for Newlyweds

We have to have a safe relationship before we can have a good relationship.

Advice for Single Listeners

Embrace the old fashioned idea of dating — conducting an intentional interview on each and every date! [Don’t worry, you can still have fun!]

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