Infidelity is unfortunately a huge part of the modern marriage. If we can understand why men and women cheat then we are halfway towards solving the problem. Once a partner has committed physical or emotional infidelity, it is important to learn how to heal the relationship. Listen to today’s show to learn about healing from a cheating spouse or how to avoid it altogether!

In this episode we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • How to heal the broken trust from a cheating spouse.
  • Why men tend to cheat more because of opportunity and women for a larger variety of reasons.
  • How a man can earn back trust and heal the relationship.
  • Why a man’s desire to ‘fix things’ can be detrimental to healing after infidelity.
  • And much more!

Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S, is a digital-age intimacy and relationships expert specializing in infidelity and addictions—in particular sex, porn, and love addiction. He is the author of several highly regarded books, including “Out of the Doghouse: A Step-by-Step Relationship Saving Guide for Men Caught Cheating,” and “Sex Addiction 101. Currently, he is Senior Vice President of National Clinical Development for Elements Behavioral Health, creating and overseeing addiction and mental health treatment programs for more than a dozen high-end treatment facilities.

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Robert’s Daily Tool

Listen! Take 5 minutes a day to talk with your partner about what’s going on in your lives. Really listen to your partner and let them know that you hear and understand them. As you go on, deeper conversations will take place.

Relationship Advice Resource’s

Read the cover of The Atlantic, specifically articles by Esther Perel, to learn about human sexuality today. Learn about new practices in infidelity and have conversations with your partner about them to help prevent stress related to the issue.

Out of the Doghouse: A Step-by-Step Relationship-Saving Guide for Men Caught Cheating

Sex Addiction 101: A Basic Guide to Healing from Sex, Porn, and Love Addiction

Sex Addiction 101: The Workbook

Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men

Advice for Newlyweds

The feeling of your partner being the most important person in your world is going to fade but it doesn’t mean your love has faded, instead it can mean your love is about to grow. Long term love and commitment is about accepting, learning, and embracing each others challenges.

Advice for Single Listeners

Go online! Meeting people in public is not as easy as it used to be. BUT, meet them in person before you get too carried away or else you may end up disappointed.

For older singles: Don’t shy away from dating just because you are older, you can still meet someone and have meaningful relationships. Online dating is for 55+ individuals too, it is never too late!

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If you love this episode (and our podcast!), would you mind giving us a review in iTunes? It would mean the world to us and we promise it only takes a minute. Many thanks in advance! – Chase & Sarah