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Many people in relationships think they should ‘not rock the boat’ to keep things steady and to avoid conflict. However, this conservative approach to relationships can actually backfire. Listen to today’s episode to understand why rocking the relationship boat can sometimes be good and necessary for a happy and healthy relationship.

In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • Why it’s important to not sweep issues under the rug instead of dealing with them
  • How we use distance and other negative behaviors to cope with relationships issues
  • Working to find the underlying issues in your relationship
  • How to create more intimacy in your relationship by communicating and rocking the boat
  • Why the average time of divorce is 7.5 years into a marriage
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Robert Taibbi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 45 years experience, primarily in community mental health working with couples and families as a clinician, supervisor and clinical director. His work is grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy and systems theory with a heavy emphasis on changing dysfunctional patterns and behaviors in everyday life.

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Episode Links

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