Join us as Morghan Leia Richardson shares her expertise on creating a fulfilling and successful relationship. In this episode, Morghan gives relationship advice on how to save your marriage by avoiding certain pitfalls.

About Morghan Leia Richardson

Morghan Leia Richardson is a divorce attorney and mediator in New York City. She focuses on divorce and family law issues, such as Custody, Child Support, Father’s Rights and Marital Property issues. Morghan received her law degree from Tulane Law School in New Orleans, and worked as an extern for Federal Magistrate Judge Louis Moore in the United States Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. She was also a Managing Editor for the Tulane Maritime Law Journal. She is licensed in Maryland, D.C. and New York. Morghan worked for national litigation firms before starting her Queens-based law practice. She juggles her job as an attorney with her other job as divorced mom of two preschool-aged boys. Her firm is Richardson Legal PLLC and she blogs at The Divorce Artist.

Daily Tip

Make an effort to live intentionally by reaffirming your marriage on a daily basis.

Relationship Advice Resource

Friendly Divorce Guidebook for New York: Planning, Negotiating and Filing Your Divorce by Steven Abel

Tips for Engaged Couples or Newlyweds

Couples need to make more of an effort to live in their relationship intentionally, communicate and embrace the fact that they are involved in the realtionship.

If You Could Give Only One Piece of Advice…

Set out a map or guideline for yourself at the start of the realtionship. Review the map periodically to keep each other involved in the relationship.

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 The Divorce Artist Blog

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