Mirel Goldstein is an expert marriage therapist in New Jersey who has been successfully lecturing and writing about marriage, as well as helping couples reignite the spark in their relationships, for the past 15 years. Her popular blog can be found on her website goldsteintherapy.com. Her YouTube video called, “How to recognize dismissive attachment behaviors in yourself and others”, has inspired thousands of couples to address attachment issues that may be getting in the way of deeper closeness in their relationships.

In today’s episode we cover relationship topics that include: 

  • How to balance emotional risk with emotional safety in a relationship.
  • Avoiding the long term relationship ‘comfort zone’ and keeping the passion in your relationship.
  • Why you can never fully know your partner and why that’s a good thing.
  • Learning to be more vulnerable with your partner.
  • The importance of not holding your emotions inside.
  • And much more!


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Advice for Newlyweds

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Advice for Single Listeners

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