Depression affects people from all walks of life and can occur at anytime. It’s a mental health issue that can have a profound impact on the person whom it’s affecting, as well as on their loved ones and friends. Listen to today’s show to learn how you can help and support a partner who is depressed.
In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:
  • Learn the difference between clinical depression, mood swings and personality disorders
  • How you can help your partner through a difficult day
  • The differences between men and woman with depression
  • Steps in getting your partner help if they have not yet been diagnosed
  • How to navigate the relationship if one partner is in denial or unaware of their depression
  • The importance for the non-depressed partner to have their own support system
  • And much more!

Kristen Scarlett is the co-founder of Octave, a mental health startup in NYC. She launched the mental health services at Overlook Cancer Center and One Medical before opening Octave’s doors in October 2018. She’s a CBT therapist and teaches CBT at NYU Medical School.

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