John Amodeo PhD, MFT, has been a licensed marriage and family therapist for over thirty-five years in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the author of Dancing with Fire: A Mindful Way to Loving Relationships. His other books include The Authentic Heart and Love & Betrayal. He is a former writer and contributing editor for Yoga Journal, and has conducted workshops and lectured internationally on relationships and couples therapy.

He has appeared as a featured guest on programs that included CNN, Donahue, and New Dimensions Radio and he is a popular blogger for Psychology Today.

In this episode we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • How to develop mature love in our life.
  • How to speak from the heart.
  • How to be authentic and practice authentic relating.
  • How to improve emotional awareness.
  • Best ways to begin mindfulness.
  • How nature, yoga and meditating can improve mindfulness.
  • How to get out of the young love mindset.


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John’s Daily Tool

In addition to breathing, take time during your day and asking yourself,  “Where am I right now?” and “How am I feeling?”

Relationship Advice Resource

Dancing With Fire

Radical Acceptance

Love & Betrayal


Advice for Newlyweds

Do things you enjoy doing together and talk about what’s going on in the relationship. Don’t avoid topics that can be touchy.

Advice for Single Listeners

Cultivate your interest. Whether it’s gardening, yoga or thai chi class. Visit places where you can work on your own personal growth and where you might also meet someone at the same time.

Interview Links

John’s website

John’s Blog on Psychology Today

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