Mindfulness is having a much deserved moment in the world of podcasting and popular culture. Learning how to bring mindfulness into the bedroom is a skill that can improve your relationship and sex life — something most of us can benefit from. Learn how to get off without checking out in today’s episode.

In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • Learn how to get out of a state of fear and judgement around sex in your relationship
  • How to bring attention to what feels good during sex and communicating this with your partner
  • Becoming more embodied and familiar with our sensuality
  • Loving and accepting your own body
  • Micro-practices for more sexuality in your life
  • Asking for what you want in bed
  • And much more!

Jessica Graham is a meditation teacher, sex, relationship and spiritual guide for couples and individuals, speaker and author of Good Sex: Getting Off Without Checking Out. She is a contributing editor of the meditation blog, Deconstructing Yourself and co-founded The Eastside Mindfulness Collective. Jessica also founded Wild Awakening, to help people become more human through psycho-spiritual evolution using meditation and self-inquiry. Jessica is also an award-winning actor and filmmaker.

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