Learning to forgive your partner, friends and family is a core component to living a life free of resentment, anger and unhappiness. Listen to today’s show to learn about forgiveness, and how to do it better.

In this episode with Dr. Robert Enright, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • Understanding the paradox of forgiveness
  • Learn the roadmap to forgiveness that’s based on decades of research
  • How to get rid of resentment on the path to forgiving
  • What happens when we don’t forgive
  • Understanding that forgiving is not just ‘moving on’
  • And much more!

Dr. Robert Enright holds the Aristotelian Professorship in Forgiveness Science within the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is a licensed psychologist, and co-founder of the International Forgiveness Institute, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about forgiveness and community renewal through forgiveness. He is the unquestioned pioneer in the scientific study of forgiveness, having published the first empirically-based journal article on person-to-person forgiveness in 1989. He has been called “the forgiveness trailblazer” by Time magazine and is often introduced as “the father of forgiveness research” because of his 36-year academic commitment to researching and implementing forgiveness programs. Dr. Enright is the author or editor of seven books and over 150 publications centered on social development and the psychology of forgiveness. He pioneered Forgiveness Therapy and developed an early intervention to promote forgiveness: the 20-step “Process Model of Forgiving.” His latest endeavors include forgiveness education for students in various world communities (for example, Iran, Israel, Monrovia, Northern Ireland, and the Philippines) and Forgiveness Therapy with those in correctional institutions, those who are without homes, and those who engage in road rage behaviors.

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