Join us as Dr. Monica Mandell shares her expertise on creating a fulfilling and successful relationship. In this episode, Dr. Monica gives relationship advice on how ordinary routines can bring you and your spouse closer.

About Dr. Monica Mandell DR. MONICA MANDELL

Monica Mandell has a Ph.D. in psychology and has been the director of client services for Selective Search, a national, upscale boutique matchmaking firm since 2007. Her experience working for Selective Search, along with her psychology background, has led her to become a noted relationship expert in the Northeast. She is a regular featured guest on the Philadelphia affiliate stations for FOX, CBS and ABC.

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Kiss hello. Kiss Goodbye. Kiss Goodnight.

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Tips for Engaged Couples or Newlyweds

Try and watch your wedding video or flip through your album on anniversaries. It’s so important to remember what brought you together, regardless of how many years.

If You Could Give Only One Piece of Advice…

Treat each other with dignity and respect.

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