The single life can be just as rewarding as being in a relationship. However, sometimes it can feel like all you want to do is to be in a happy relationship! Listen to today’s show to learn how to happily navigate life as a single person.

In this episode with Dr. Megan Stubbs, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • Learn how to be okay with being single
  • How to avoid the hookup culture and connect with others online
  • Understand the benefits of being single
  • The importance of understanding your deal breakers and communicating them to potential partners
  • How to create sexual satisfaction with yourself
  • Asking the important questions of what will truly make you happy
  • And much more!

Holding degrees in Human Sexuality and Biology, Dr. Megan Stubbs is an energetic multi-media savvy Sexologist. She has been building a brand that has sexual wellness, education, and pleasure at the forefront. With her respective degrees in Biology and Human Sexuality, she is able to combine two of her favorite things, science and sex, into a cohesive platform to impact her audience. She is mindful of inclusion and brings a sensitivity to ethnic diversity rooted in her own complex heritage. Her programming is designed to entertain and educate with actionable steps and information the participants can use as soon as they leave. She is frequently quoted in national media outlets, writes a column in Playboy, appears on television, speaks on campuses across the nation, and hosts private events around the world.

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