We’ve all been there…
Your blood begins to boil. Your temperature rises. Your body becomes tense as you prepare for a ‘fight’ with your partner.
These moments could be small disagreements or big picture arguments. The ‘in it’ moment where we have the choice to go down the path of healing or destruction can be pivotal for the health of your relationship. Listen to today’s show to learn how to navigate these moments in a better way.
In this episode we discuss relationship advice topics that include:
  • Why ‘my way or the highway’ is a terrible approach to relationship disagreements
  • Regulating our emotions when we’re upset or in a disagreement with our partner
  • The desire to be heard and understood for relationship growth
  • Stopping emotional reactivity in it’s tracks
  • Understanding that your partner has unique needs and feelings
  • And much more!
For more than 22 years, Maureen Hosier, PhD has specialized in the troubled dynamics of individuals in their romantic relationships and in their family and work place relationships.

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