Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, the title of the show may be a little tongue in cheek, but there’s a way to frame how you operate in your relationship that can help take it to a better place. Listen to today’s show to learn how to be a little selfish in order to improve your relationship.

In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • The importance of understanding that we cannot and should not be trying to change our partner
  • Understanding that if you create change in yourself you can help change your relationship
  • How to communicate in order to create positive relationship change
  • Working together with your partner to find solutions to your problems
  • How we pattern intimate relationships from our childhood
  • And much more!

Dr. Laura Dabney has been a psychiatrist in Virginia Beach, VA for over twenty years. Her psychiatric expertise has been featured on radio, podcasts, websites and in print media. She consults for a number of large institutions, including the Virginia Veterans Administration Medical Center. She received her MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School and has been Board Certified in Psychiatry. Dr. Dabney’s patients come for many reasons, including, but not limited to depression, anxiety, and toxic relationships. Yet, despite the problems that brought them through her door, they describe her in the same terms, again and again, calling her warm, knowledgeable, and committed to their success.

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