Join us as Dr. Kate Roberts shares her expertise on creating a fulfilling and successful relationship. In this episode, Dr. Kate gives relationship advice on the three C’s of couplehood: connection, communication and chemistry.

About Dr. Kate Roberts Dr. Kate Roberts

Dr. Kate Roberts is a child and family psychologist and coach, with over 25 years of experience. She is a well-known expert in the field of families, including parents, couples and child psychology, and has published a number of articles in professional journals. Dr. Kate has done over 60 interviews with newspapers and the local television news affiliates of ABC, NBC and CBS. Most recently she has been interviewed by Parenting magazine, Parents Magazine, Boston Metro, Working Mother magazine and Disney

Daily Tip

Ask a question about your partner’s day that’s sincere. Take the time to listen everyday.

Relationship Advice Resource

A Fine Romance by Judith Sills Ph.D.

The Three Marriages by David Whyte

Tips for Engaged Couples or Newlyweds

Make sure you’re intact individually in your needs. So that with or without the relationship, you feel whole as a person.

If You Could Give Only One Piece of Advice…

Love yourself first.

Interview Links

Dr. Kate’s Website

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