How do you blend a family of seven, and still maintain a healthy marriage? Dr. Jamison is doing just that, and wants to share her insights with the world. Listen to today’s show to learn valuable lessons from Dr. Jamison and much more!

In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include

  • Learn valuable tips for blending a family
  • The importance of creating a habit of paying attention to your partner
  • How to create more empathy in a relationship
  • The importance of asking ourselves if we want to be right, or do we want to be effective?
  • A new way to look at fight, flight or freeze
  • Understanding how we communicated growing up affects us now
  • And much more!

Dr. Corey Jamison brings more than 30 years of experience partnering with executives and teams around the globe to drive dramatic sustainable organizational transformation. She has worked with leaders at all levels of some of the largest brands. Corey holds a PhD in Psychology. When she married her husband, Jon, they blended their families. Corey had three children, and Jon had three children, and then together they had one. Bringing that many people together (seven children under the age of 13!) was … a lot. To sort through some of the hard conversations that every couple needs to have to navigate through life together, they started an annual marriage retreat. Having worked together for 10 years, Corey brought this idea to her business partner, Julie Bush, and they teamed up to bring the DIY Marriage Retreat in A Box to life.

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