Developing a deep connection with a partner does not just happen on its own like the movies may lead us to believe. The path to a soulful relationship takes deliberate effort, and the rewards can be beautiful. Listen to today’s episode to learn how to develop more meaningful relationship connection.
In this episode with Dr. Chelsea Wakefield, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:
  • How we progress from enchantment to disconnection in our relationship
  • Using relationships as a path for personal growth
  • The importance of not projecting onto your partner
  • How to avoid the drama triangle that is common in relationships
  • How to do things out of generosity and not obligation
  • And much more!

Chelsea Wakefield, PhD, LCSW is a long-term couples therapist, an Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and the Director of the Couples Center where she has a part-time couples therapy practice, trains clinicians in her innovative method of couples work. She also offers workshops and programs (in person and now on-line) to the general public about how to create and sustain a meaningful, enduring relationship. She is the author of three books- Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty – Becoming the Person You Were Born to Be; In Search of Aphrodite – Women, Archetypes, and Sex Therapy; and just released- The Labyrinth of Love- the Path to a Soulful Relationship.

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The Labyrinth of Love: The Path to a Soulful Relationship

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