Relationships require us to look at ourselves and work to understand our past and how it shapes us today. We often get caught up in what we want, need and expect from our partner, but need to look within first. Listen to today’s show to learn how to do this important work.

In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • How to look at our family system and how we were raised to understand how it can affect the present
  • Understanding what happens inside of us when our partner annoys or bothers us
  • Writing exercise that will help you gain a deeper understanding of a present conflict
  • How to become an ally for our partners healing
  • How the healthiest and happiest relationships function best
  • And much more!

Dr. Alexandra Solomon is a clinical assistant professor at Northwestern University and a licensed clinical psychologist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. She is the creator and facilitator of the new course, Intimate Relationships 101, and the author of Taking Sexy Back: How to Own Your Sexuality and Create the Relationships You Want (New Harbinger, 2020) and Loving Bravely: Twenty Lessons of Self-Discovery to Help You Get the Love You Want (New Harbinger, 2017). She also writes a column for Psychology Today and is frequently asked to talk about love, sex, and marriage with media outlets including The Today Show, O Magazine, The Atlantic, Vogue, and Scientific American.

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