Not feeling loved and connected with your partner? You may not be receiving or giving enough empathy in your relationship. Listen to today’s show to learn how to give or receive more empathy and create more love in the relationship.

In this episode, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • How to be present to the feelings of your partner and empathically listen to them
  • Understand the importance of coming to your partner’s trouble with curiosity instead of judgement
  • Why you don’t need to try to ‘fix’ all of your partners problems
  • How to get in touch with our own feelings to better connect with our partner
  • The importance of setting an intention for what we want from our partner
  • And much more!

Anna Osborn, LMFT, owner of Life Unscripted Counseling, focuses her work on inspiring individuals and couples to be more intentional and connected in their love relationship. She works with folks on improving communication, deepening intimacy, healing from betrayal and changing negative patterns of disconnection in their relationships. She hosts an annual women’s retreat in Laguna Beach, CA.

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